Make a Difference Day


Published on October 24, 2019

Make a difference day, although not a worldwide celebrated holiday, is a very important one. It is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of October by those who like to volunteer and help those less fortunate. Everyone has a heart, so go out and do something you don’t normally do day-to-day to help either your community or someone in need. Good deeds could be as extreme as traveling to faraway countries who are less fortunate. For those who want to stay local, it’s easy as visiting a food shelter to lend a helping hand. More suggestions below on how to bring some light to your community!


One:  Habitat for Humanity is a great and fun way to help. This organization is solely focused on getting as many people shelter as possible. Families and bigger groups volunteer to build homes and actually get to do this alongside the homebuyers. This experience is so meaningful and really helpful to those in need of homes for their families.

Two:  Donate old shoes. I’m sure we all have those shoes sitting in our closet that we never wear, but always tell ourselves we will. Well, there is a place for them! Donate old pairs of shoes (still in wearable condition) to any homeless shelter, they will gladly take them and use them for people less fortunate.

Three: The Good Card is an organization that promotes kindness and fun! It’s easy:  Just sign up to receive a card in the mail – fully made out of recycled items – and download the app. Scan the QR code, and read the task they set up for you. If you do not want to complete that task, you can get creative and make your own! After completing this good deed, either physically hand the card to the recipient of your good deed, or play the anonymous delivery game. And lastly, just take a few minutes to share your story and track your card. We bet it will have hundreds of good deeds on it. If you do decide to repeat, you can always get multiple cards!

Four:  Many children don’t get access to popular books when they’re little. Some families cannot afford fun picture books like “The Cat in the Hat” or “Where the Wild Things Are”. You can change that! With Little Free Library, an organization that provides kids with the books they all love by putting a little box either in your backyard or somewhere accessible, children can now pick and choose which books they want to read. Many people around the United States have started this, and it’s become a big success!

Five: Are you a dog lover? Stop by your local dog shelter and offer to help out. They don’t get much attention, so anything you do would be a big help. Either take some dogs for a leisurely walk, start a mission to promote rescue adoption, or even just play with them in the shelter. No doubt, your new furry friends will love the attention!

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